Facebook and God

July 1, 2017
Lately I have been so hungry to hear from God. My heart has been aching because one of our children is entering into a relationship that God says is wrong. I have cried, wailed and asked Jesus, why can’t I hear you? One night I detected a small voice within me saying, “turn off the TV. You can’t hear me with it on.” I definitely did not want to hear this as when I watch tv. I can temporarily shut off my problems, the distraction makes me forget. But it kept coming back to me so I talked it over with my husband Ned and we shut if off one evening. Boy the silence was deafening at first. Ned wandered off into our prayer room and I sat in the family room just staring ahead.

I finally picked up the Bible and read a few verses, then I prayed, then I just sat there. Finally I felt a peace come over me and a small voice inside me said to open a book on prayer by Carl and Anna Jackson. I began to read right where I left off days ago and praise God my answer was there in black and white. I began to thank God and went to bed at peace; however the next day a friend came by and gave me an article that said I was all wet in our decision. All of a sudden I wanted to cry again and wondered if I had not heard God. So I went back to what God talks about in Psalm 46:10, “be still and know that I am God.” And as I rested in Him I knew our decision was right in God’s eyes.

The next day I felt led to turn on the television and Rabbi Schneider, a Messiac Jewish preacher, confirmed my stirrings. He said that we often cannot hear God because we follow another god, social media. “Satan constantly uses social media,” he explained. Not that we can’t use it, but because Facebook, email, and every app under the sun have us so in their grips we often get addicted to it and don’t have time to hear God, enjoy family and friends, or just be.

Ned used to say, “Watch what happens when you watch a family eating together in a restaurant at least half are probably on their phones or tablets.” Rabbi also explained that much of what you see on Facebook is a lie. People often paint a fake picture of their lives. So my prayer for Ned and I and our family and I hope yours is…cut down on television and social media, connect eye to eye and voice to voice with those you are with, spend time in prayer and reading the Bible daily, find a church that preaches the love of Jesus Christ, and I bet you will begin to hear the Lord directing you. As my dear friend Liz shared with me the other night, when she was ill and had to sit alone at home. She shut off social media and began to have the most wonderful time listening to the Holy Spirit. “ I listened, then I heard Him. There is nothing to compare it to. It is wonderful.” God bless you all, love, Kathy

Kathy Thomas is the host of Woman to Woman heard every Saturday from 1-2pm on AM 940 KGMS and 1470 AM KNXN.

Kathy Thomas is the host of Woman to Woman heard every Saturday from 1-2pm on AM 940 KGMS and 1470 AM KNXN.

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