Where are the Blessings?

Woman to Woman recently aired a very special show about blessing your family. Dr. John Trent is the co-author of “The Blessing,” a book that sold over one million copies. When he was the recent guest on our show we talked about his new book, “30 Ways a Mother Can Bless Her Children.” It was a powerful interview and I got really choked up on the show. How many times have we spoken a blessing over our children? How many times have we zapped the life and joy out of our children or grandchildren by cursing them?

You might say, “Kathy, I have never cursed my child..” Yes, we all have if we are honest. We may not utter foul words, but we often limit their potential, their hopes, their dreams by commenting on what they are failing in rather than letting them know where they shine. Now I don’t think we need to pat our kids on the head for every time they take out the garbage or feed the pet, but how often are we so happy to let them know where they mess up instead of telling them where they have done good? I praised my children a lot but I also kept pushing them to be better. My oldest, Julie, told me once she felt like I would be disappointed if she did not get her masters degree. “Huh,” I said. I almost fell over. I never said that, but she felt that because of other remarks I made. I asked her to forgive me and began to understand why speaking blessings over our family is sooo important and while we are at it, why not add our friends and anyone else the Lord leads us to.

According to Dr. Trent God told us how important it is to bless our children from the beginning of creation. Look in the Bible each patriarch blessed his children and often God gave them a prophecy for each child. Examples: Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Look them up. My husband Ned says, “you’ll own it then.” A number of years ago Ned and I were visiting our children and grandchildren in Michigan and the Lord laid on our hearts to pray a blessing for each of our children and grandchildren there. We went in a circle and laid hands on them and asked God to bless each of them, to lead them in His plans for their lives, to become all that God designed them to be. How much we loved them. None of us left with dry eyes. What an incredible memory.

Dr. Trent also suggested we give each of our loved ones a gift. Wrap up an box and hand it to our child. When they open it and discover it is empty then we tell them we are giving them a blessing and read it from a small piece of paper in our hands and then hand it to them with a hug of love. And for those of us who really messed up a lot when our children were young it is never too late to give that blessing. God bless you and hope this new year you will find so people to bless. Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is there will your heart be also..” God has given us our families as treasures in our family. Let’s help them shine. I love you, Kathy

Kathy Thomas is the host of Woman to Woman heard every Saturday from 1-2pm on AM 940 KGMS and 1470 AM KNXN.

Kathy Thomas is the host of Woman to Woman heard every Saturday from 1-2pm on AM 940 KGMS and 1470 AM KNXN.

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