Open the Eyes of My Heart

Christopher Duffley

What a week this has been!  This morning I watched a video of Christopher Duffley, a young boy who is blind and autistic sang “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord.”  The huge audience went wild…this wee boy, with all his limitations, outdid everyone in their singing and praising…his actions, his voice, his heart, poured out of him with such joy and purity, that people were overcome with emotion.

I asked the Lord to open my eyes, to see with His eyes.  And what accomplishes that is to see Jesus love through the eyes of a child loving our God and offering whatever talent he has up to Him.

On March 6th 2009 I wrote this is our Bible: “ Dearest Kathy and Ned, walk in love and laughter today, pray in My Holy Spirit..the prayer language I have given you..always look for new horizons and believe anything is possible for those who believe I Am and I can and I will.” This was a note for us from our God, I believe with all my heart.  But with so many problems going on in our world and especially our country, I had lost sight of that.  It took a precious blind, autistic boy to remind me.

My husband Ned and I watched the blood moon the other night and we were praising God for His incredible creation and thanking Him for all our blessings and also asking Him to use us and make us strong in the days to come.  I do believe we are in the end-end times but this, if it be true, is not a time to faint and fear.  It’s a time to go forth and shout His praises, bring joy to many and share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  It’s a time to share what we have, offer hope to those who have lost so much and really be a friend to the people Gods sends to us.

Two days ago Ned and I and our friend Bonnie went to help pass out food at our church to whoever needed it.  The volunteers were so kind and kept giving of themselves even though they may not have had much themselves.  Our hearts were so warmed…I wish you Ephesians 6:23..”May God give you peace, dear brothers and sisters, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  May God’s grace be upon all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.”  If you don’t know Him now is the time to ask Him to live in your heart forever…then whatever our future holds you will know that He is with you and holding you in His arms…love, kathy

Kathy Thomas is the host of Woman to Woman heard every Saturday from 1-2pm on AM 940 KGMS and 1470 AM KNXN.

Kathy Thomas is the host of Woman to Woman heard every Saturday from 1-2pm on AM 940 KGMS and 1470 AM KNXN.

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    author icon by Ruth Rodriguez

    Dear Kathy:

    Please give me a address where woman are having a bible study?

    Thank you, Ruth

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    author icon by Rebecca Ondov

    Thank you for the reminder–to not faint with fear–but to focus on reaching out. You’re such a blessing to so many because you’re doing that.

    May God fill you with many “impossible” dreams and the desire to see them fulfilled!

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